Senior Soil Scientist
Tel: 031 508 7400 (Switchboard)
Tel: 031 508 7437 (Direct)

Role & Overall Purpose

  • Undertake soil and plant nutrition research and develop recommendations for sugarcane production.
  • Transfer technology and best practices to growers and other stakeholders.
  • Promote best practices for soil health and site sustainability.
  • Mentor junior scientists and staff.


Soil chemistry and fertility, plant nutrition, soil and foliar diagnostics and analytics, soil organic matter, soil health, site sustainability monitoring, soil physics

Research Interests

  • Soil fertility and plant nutrition.
  • Soil health and quality.
  • Rapid screening and diagnostic tools for soil and plant nutrition, and health monitoring.
  • Site sustainability monitoring.
  • Understanding the impacts of management practices on soil quality and function.
  • Conversion of science outcomes to practical best practice and operational guidelines.
  • Value-chain integration of research outcomes and operational practices.

Key Outcomes

  • Best operational practices for crop nutritional and soil health based on scientific outcomes.
  • Responsible use of soil amendments used in crop production.
  • Efficient tools and techniques for improved soil assessment and monitoring.
  • Adoption of sustainable practices that ensure long-term productivity and profitability of agroecosystems.

Key Publications

Taylor T, Hughes J, Titshall LW. 2016. Mineralogy of volcanically-derived, alluvial soils at Moshi, Tanzania. Soil Research 54(8): 926-936.Mthimkhulu S, Podwojewski P, Hughes J, Titshall LW, Van Antwerpen R.  2016. The effect of 72 years of sugarcane residues and fertilizer management on soil physico-chemical properties. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 225: 54–61

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  • BSc: Grassland Science and Zoology (Univ. of Natal, 1998)
  • BSc Honours: Grassland science (Univ. of Natal, 1999)
  • MSc: Environmental Science (Univ. of Natal, 2003)
  • PhD: Soil Science (Univ. of KwaZulu-Natal, 2008)