Assistant Biotechnologist
Tel: 031 508 7400 (Switchboard)
Tel: 031 508 7418 (Direct)


Contribute technical expertise to projects dealing with in vitro culture and precision breeding of sugarcane.


  • Tissue culture of sugarcane and eucalyptus.
  • RITA® bioreactor system.

Research Interests

  • Minimal growth of sugarcane in vitro.
  • Direct and indirect morphogenesis of sugarcane in vitro, in semi-solid media and temporary immersion RITA® bioreactors.
  • Rooting and acclimatisation of tissue culture-derived plantlets.

Key Outcomes

Involvement in scaling up production of NovaCane® plants for use in regional seedcane schemes.

Key Publications

Watt, M.P., Banasiak, M., Nicholson, T. and McAlister, B. (2006). Strategies for the selection of uncontaminated Eucalyptus explants for shoot multiplication in a temporary immersion system (RITA®) in a commercial laboratory. South African Forestry Journal 206:13-21.


MSc (University of Wroclaw, Poland).