Systems Modeller
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To apply systems thinking to the sugarcane production value chain to identify opportunities for improved efficiencies, to drive more profitable sugarcane production by sugarcane growers and other industry stakeholders; by developing and applying models of sugarcane crop growth, pest risk and other aspects to explore strategic research questions across a range of themes, including crop physiology, pest impacts, yield dynamics and climate change, at scales ranging from individual fields to the whole industry.


• Sugarcane model development
• Sugarcane model application
• Decision Support Program development
• Data analytics and visualisation with R
• Software development/prototyping using Fortran and R
• Data management

Research Interests

• Understanding and predicting genotypic, environmental and genotype-by-environment interaction effects on simple and complex phenotypes using crop growth simulation models.
• Modelling of pest damage risk.
• Assessment of climate change impacts and exploration of adaptation strategies.
• Improving data infrastructure for more accurate point-to-region upscaling studies supporting “big data” analytics for improving sugarcane production efficiencies in the South African sugar industry.
• Sugarcane production and yield dynamics in the South African sugar industry.
• Production of bio-ethanol and cogeneration of electricity from sugarcane.

Key Publications

Jones, M. R., Singels, A., Chinorumba, S., Poser, C., Christina, M., Shine, J., Annandale, J., & Hammer, G. L. (2021). Evaluating process-based sugarcane models for simulating genotypic and environmental effects observed in an international dataset. Field Crops Research, 260(April 2020), 107983.

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Jones, M. R., & Singels, A. (2018). Refining the Canegro model for improved simulation of climate change impacts on sugarcane. European Journal of Agronomy.

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  • MSc Agrometeorology, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermartizburg.
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science, University of Natal, Durban.
  • B.Sc Computer Science & Economics, University of Natal, Durban.

Currently registered for a Ph.D in Agronomy, University of Pretoria, supervised by Abraham Singels (UP), John Annandale (UP) and Graeme Hammer (UQ).