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The Fertiliser Advisory Service also offers routine and supplementary analyses on liquid and granular fertilisers, urea, CMS, composts and manures.

Analysis of these nutrient sources is a critical element of proper soil nutrient management planning. Reliable data on the nutrient composition of products is essential for optimising yields and preventing environmental pollution by nutrient ‘overloads’.

What We Offer

ANALYSES SA SADC Countries Other Countries
Cost Per Sample
Liquid Fertilisers, Urea and CMS:
Total nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium.
R279.00 R334.00 R334.00
Granular Fertilisers, Composts and Manures:
Moisture, total nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and carbon/nitrogen ratio.
Cost per sample
R362.00 R426.00 R426.00
pH, sulphur, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, carbon. Cost per element per sample
R132.00 R138.00 R138.00

Sampling Procedures

If interested please download our Fertiliser submission form.

• Fertiliser samples should be collected in bags or bottles that are not contaminated with chemicals or residues of other fertiliser.
• Complete the necessary details on the submission form and send to the laboratory.


Mbali Shezi

FAS Admin Assistant


Find your nearest drop off point!


All leaf material must be submitted in either a brown paper bag or in cardboard. Labels for leaf samples are available free of charge from every Extension office.