Focus on Crop Nutrition

Nutrient deficiencies are one of the most common causes of poor plant growth, pest and disease susceptibility and inadequate crop yields. These deficiencies are often a result of poor or incorrect fertiliser application. To assist with understanding more about the various nutrients, we have revamped our Nutrition series of Information Sheets.

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The InfoPack disc that was previously published by SASRI on an annual basis has been discontinued. You will now be able to find all InfoPack content by selecting Knowledge Hub from the menu on this website.


This season, flowering has been particularly profuse, especially in varieties prone to flowering e.g. N23, N27, N42. Heavily flowered cane should not carried over to next season and these fields should be harvested before September. As a rule of thumb, fields with more that 20% stalks flowered should NOT be carried over. Determine the percentage of flowered stalks by infield inspection. Consult your Extension Specialist for advice if seedcane fields have flowered heavily.