Dr Sandile Mthimkhulu

Dr Sandile Mthimkhulu
Assistant Soil Scientist
Tel: 031 508 7400 (Switchboard)
Tel: 031 508 7467 (Direct)
Role & Overall Purpose
Conduct research into soil fertility and crop nutrition. Conduct trials (field, glasshouse and lab). Monitor current literature and keep up to date with trends and useful research. Assist in the development and improvement of all aspects of the Fertiliser Advisory Service. Communicate research outcomes to growers and other role-players in the sugar industry.

Soil health indicators, sugarcane trash management, organic matter distribution in soils, soil magnesicity, soil structure, crop nutrients recommendations, soil classification.

Research Interests
Factors affecting organic matter and soil structural stability under sugarcane

Main factors determining sugarcane crop yield in the long-term trials.

Formulation of crop nutrients recommendations from soil test results.

Soil magnesicity and its amelioration process.

Key Publications

Podwojewski, P., Grellier, S., Mthimkhulu, S., Titshall, L., 2014. How Tree Encroachment and Soil Properties Affect Soil Aggregate Stability in an Eroded Grassland in South Africa. Soil Sci. Soc. A.m.J. 78, 1753-1764.

Mthimkhulu, S., Podwojewski, P., Hughes, J., Titshall, L., Van Antwerpen, R., 2016. The effect of 72 years of sugarcane residues and fertilizer management on soil physico-chemical properties. Agric. Ecosyst. Environ. 225, 54-61.

Mthimkhulu, S., Miles, N., 2018. Effect of residue and fertilizer management on soil fertility in a long-term sugarcane trial, South Africa. S Afr. J Plant & Soil Doi:10.1080/02571862.2017.1411536.

Mthimkhulu, S., Miles, N., 2017. The fertility status of soils of the South African Sugar Industry -2012 to 2016: An overview. Proc. S. Afr. Sug. Technol. Ass. 90, 92-103.

Elephant, D., Miles, N., Mthimkhulu, S., 2017. Effects of surface-applied lime and gypsum on soil properties and yields of sugarcane ratoon crops. Proc. S. Afr. Sug. Technol. Ass. 90, 113-117.

Van Antwerpen, R., Miles, N., Mthimkhulu, S., 2017. Mass and composition of ash remaining in the field following burning of sugarcane at harvest. Proc. S. Afr. Sug. Technol. Ass. 90, 104-112.

BSc Agric (Soil Science), MSc Agric (Soil Science), PhD (Soil Science)-UKZN