South African
Sugarcane Research Institute

Unlocking the Potential Of Sugarcane

Innovative Research in Sugarcane Agriculture

The South African Sugarcane Research Institute (SASRI) is a world renowned agricultural research institute that contributes to the sustainability of the local sugar industry.

Research at SASRI is clustered within four multidisciplinary programmes, namely Variety Improvement, Crop Protection, Crop Performance & Management and Systems Design & Optimisation.


Research Focus

The SASRI research, development and innovation programme is designed to impact positively on seven industry priority areas.


Sugarcane Farming

Useful information about tools, services and products related to various aspects of sugarcane farming.

SASRI Info Pack


Gain access to all SASRI publications arranged in various collections.

Extension Services

One of the main strengths of SASRI is our in-house extension service. A group of around 20 individual Extension Specialists are located throughout the South African sugar industry, offering advice, support and research outcomes to growers.

SASRI Extension Service also communicates grower needs to SASRI so that an appropriate research programme can be developed.

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