SASRI has been a long-standing proponent of sustainable sugarcane cultivation, supported by decades of research. Recommendations resulting from laboratory, glasshouse and field trials over the years have considered not only the economic advantages of a practice, but also how socially and environmentally responsible these practices are.

Decision-support Tools

The SUSFARMS® sustainability tool

A locally-relevant and globally recognised continuous improvement system called SUSFARMS® has been developed over the years with input from a number of stakeholders. This a practical tool that assists sugarcane farmers implement better management practices (BMPs) while recognising relevant legislation. It consists of a comprehensive manual of BMPs and legislative requirements, accompanied by a self-assessment progress tracker tool.

Visit the SUSFARMS® page to download the Manual and Progress Tracker.

Contour Spacing Design Tool (CoSDT)

This tool can be used for the design of soil and water conservation structures in the South African Sugar Industry and to determine soil losses associated with given agricultural production practices. The objective of this tool is to assist growers in the design of structures to minimise soil losses through erosion. To access the tool, please contact your Extension Specialist for assistance.

Michelle Binedell

Knowledge Manager


Knowledge Manager

Tel: 031 508 7400 (Switchboard)
Tel: 031 508 7567 (Direct)

Role & Overall Purpose

As Knowledge Manager, Michelle is responsible for managing the KM Unit which provides services and resources for enhancing research, technology development and knowledge transfer. Expertise in the unit includes the provision of a library service, a publications portfolio, multi-media services, information systems, education courses and agricultural and scientific liaison.

  • Knowledge Management
  • Environmental Assessment and Management Environmental Reporting and Environmental Health Research
Specific Interests
  • Application of applied research in a practical manner to ensure impact
  • Sustainable sugarcane farming

Master of Environmental Management (University of Natal)


Conservation of farmland in KwaZulu-Natal

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Soil Conservation – A guide to farming practices in the sugarcane industry

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Darnall Environment Committee – Environment Management Book

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A practical field procedure for identification and delineation of wetlands and riparian areas

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Wetland Development – Ridge and Furrow

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Standards and norms for soil and water conservation planning in KwaZulu-Natal

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