Ratoon Stunt Diagnosis


Ratoon Stunt is a major sugarcane disease which causes substantial yield loss. Affected crops will decline progressively with each ratoon, with farmers suffering yield losses of up to 40%. It stands to reason, therefore, that early detection is crucial for any farming enterprise.

Since the disease does not have easily recognisable symptoms, it often goes unnoticed and can only be reliably diagnosed by the SASRI RSD Laboratory. This facility has been helping farmers since the 1970s, and has always kept abreast of the latest technologies in disease diagnosis. SASRI has developed a suite of management strategies against this disease, and advises farmers accordingly. SASRI also offers training to neighbouring countries on disease surveys, sample collection and diagnostic techniques.

Solen Subramoney

RSD Diagnosis Supervisor


RSD Diagnosis Supervisor

Tel: 031 508 7400
Email: diagnostics@sugar.org.za