South African Sugar Industry Agronomists’Association (SASIAA)

Exchanging Knowledge on Sugarcane Agronomy!

SAIAA SASIAA is a voluntary association existing under the auspices of  the South African Sugarcane Research Institute (SASRI), and whose membership is open to all who qualify in terms of its constitution.


SASIAA aims to promote the development and application of the science of sugarcane agronomy in Southern Africa by creating opportunities for the free exchange of relevant ideas, knowledge and information between members. We maintain records of various field trial reports and make these available to members.


There are currently 200 SAIAA members. All members have tertiary qualifications, most have an agronomic background and most are involved in sugarcane agronomic research.
Prospective members must use the SASIAA Membership Application Form.

The following member organisations contribute to the Association:
South African Sugarcane Research Institute
Zimbabwe Sugar Association Experiment Station
Triangle Sugar Estates
Hippo Valley Sugar Estate
Sucoma Sugar Company
Swaziland Sugar Association Extension Services
Royal Swazi Sugar Corporation
Simunye Mhlume Sugar Company
Ubombo Ranches, Swaziland (Illovo)

Annual Symposia

Symposia are held annually and field excursions are arranged when appropriate.
Topics of presentations held at the  last symposium (25 October 2017) were:

  1. New fertiliser strategies for SA and the sugarcane industry
    Guest speaker: Adam Mostert, former CEO of FERTASA 
  1. Improving soil health to be sustainable
    Richard Cole, South Coast Grower
  1. Soil health in perspective
    Dr Neil Miles, SASRI Senior Soil Scientist
  1. Yield mapping – its potential in precision agriculture
    Alasdair Harris, Agricultural Engineer, Tongaat Hulett Limited
  2. Potential of remote sensing imagery to enhance farming practices based on data driven decisions.
    Brent Griffiths, Cane Centre of Excellence Manager, Illovo Sugar Africa

Contact us
For all queries, contact Vasie Naidoo on 031 508 7403 or email .