SASRI conducts research to assess the impact of mechanisation on sugarcane production efficiencies and sustainability. Mechanisation accounts for about 50% of the total cost of sugarcane production, even when cane is cut manually. With agricultural profit margins decreasing continuously, it is crucial that every effort is made to use farm machinery as efficiently as possible. Small savings on production costs can translate into large increases in net profit.

SASRI Mechanisation Reports

2021 Mech Report No 1: Costing machinery Systems – Download PDF
2021 Mech Report No 2: Systems and Costs of Land Preparation, Planting and Ratoon Management – Download PDF

Agricultural Machinery and Equipment: Products and Suppliers

Local Supplier List  PDF

International Supplier List  PDF

Mechanisation Posters

Maximum allowable payload for vehicle combinations – PDF (105kb)

Sugarcane Replant Decision Support Tool  PDF (1.6 Mb)

SASRI Information Sheets

Mechanical sugarcane harvesting systems – PDF (115kb)
Factors to consider when implementing mechanised cane harvesting – PDF (112kb)

Mechanisation Articles, Papers and Reports

Mechanical Sugarcane Harvesting – PDF (85kb)

Dumisani Loading Profile, Sugar Journal, June 2011 – PDF (112kb)

An economical mechanical front mounted cane cutter for tractors – PDF (200kb)

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