2021-22 SASRI Annual Progress Report now available!

This report contains a summary of our research and service highlights for the last financial year.

The Chairman and Director reports highlight some of the remarkable outcomes that have been delivered, despite the many challenges that SASRI has faced, such as the Covid pandemic, civil unrest in July, as well as the destructive storms that followed.

The Progress Report discusses the finalisation of an agreed five-year strategic plan (2022-2027) which outlines six key critical success factors that provide clear direction to SASRI, namely Sustainable Sugarcane Production; Small-scale Grower Sustainability; Enhancing and Enabling Adoption; Biosecurity; Commercial Opportunities; and Smart Agriculture.

The Report also includes key project outcomes from research projects in both the technical and knowledge exchange areas of SASRI’s four research programmes.

There are also highlights from Extension and Biosecurity, details about newly available knowledge resources, achievements awarded to scientists and an overview of the scientific contributions published by our specialists.


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