Longhorn Beetle Alert!
Published: 17th Jan 2024

After a two-year period with no sightings of Longhorn beetle within the containment area,  larvae  were unfortunately discovered in August 2023 on one of the previously infested farms in Entumeni.

Subsequently, the pest has also been found on farms in the Melmoth region. The latest findings have been in an area some considerable distance from Entumeni, and therefore all areas once again need to be extra vigilant, particularly those areas where cane is grown on a long cutting cycle and where cane is planted adjacent to or near timber plantations. The major threat would therefore be in the high-altitude areas.

Farm employees should be alerted to the pest. Cane cutters are best placed to find traces of the pest in the form of  borings in the stools. Any strange or unusual damage or stress evident in the cane should be investigated and our Biosecurity Officers and Technicians called out to confirm the cause.


Adult male beetle.

Larvae in sugarcane stalk.

Larva in the base of a sugarcane stalk.


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