Nutrient deficiencies are one of the most common causes of poor plant growth, pest and disease susceptibility and inadequate crop yields. These deficiencies are often a result of poor or incorrect fertiliser application. To assist with understanding more about the various nutrients, we have revamped our Nutrition series of Information Sheets.

In this series, we tackle easy identification of each nutrient deficiency in the field, adequate levels required for growth in plant and ratoon crops, and the most effective application guidelines for each nutrient. In addition, we have included useful tables of suggested fertiliser sources for each nutrient. The Nutrition series also describes how to develop an effective nutrition plan, design strip plots and take soil and leaf samples as per FAS Agricultural Laboratory procedures.

The following topics are covered in this series:
• Developing a nutrient plan • Nitrogen Management • Nitrogen monitor plots • Phosphorus management • Potassium management • Sulphur management • Calcium and magnesium management • Boron management • Iron management • Manganese management • Copper management • Zinc management • Leaf sampling • Soil sampling

View or download Nutrition series Information Sheets from our website.