Programme Manager: Variety Improvement
Tel: 031 508 7400 (Switchboard)
Tel: 031 508 7460 (Direct)
Email: sandy.snyman@sugar.org.za


  • To co-ordinate and facilitate research within the Variety Improvement Programme towards the attainment of established strategic objectives.
  • To serve as a mentor to post-graduate students based at SASRI and on the Westville Campus of UKZN.
  • To initiate, manage and drive tissue culture, micropropagation and transformation research projects that will contribute to the production of improved sugarcane varieties.
  • To liaise with Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Directorate: Plant Genetic Resources on GM related issues.


  • In vitro culture of sugarcane via embryogenesis and organogenesis, using semi-solid media and RITA® temporary immersion bioreactors.
  • Molecular characterisation of transgenic plants and agronomic assessment of transgenic sugarcane in the field.
  • Regulatory framework for GM crops within SA.
  • Conducting risk assessments of GM crops for field release.

Research Interests

  • Deployment of NovaCane® plants to the South African sugarcane industry.
  • Improving water and nitrogen use efficiency in sugarcane via transgenesis.
  • Germplasm conservation via slow growth and cryopreservation.
  • The use of chemical mutagenesis to improve selected characteristics of South African sugarcane germplasm.

Key Outcomes

  • Proof of Concept of transgenic sugarcane expressing herbicide tolerance.
  • Applied use of tissue culture for rapid bulking of sugarcane cultivars. The process has been registered as a trademark, NovaCane®.

Key Publications

Mahlanza T, Rutherford RS, Snyman SJ and Watt MP (2015). Potential of Fusarium sacchari-tolerant mutants in controlling Eldana saccharina and borer-associated Fusarium stem rot in sugarcane. European Journal of Plant Pathology (accepted) DOI 10.1007/s10658-014-0582-7.

Mahlanza T, Rutherford RS, Snyman SJ and Watt MP (2014). Eldana saccharina (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) resistance in sugarcane (Saccharum sp.): Effects of Fusarium spp., stalk rind, fibre and nitrogen content. African Entomology 22(3): 810-822.

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BSc Hons (Witwatersrand), MSc (Natal), PhD (Stellenbosch).