The September editions of our newsletters, Ingede and The Link were published earlier this month.


SASRI Extension Manager for small-scale and land reform growers, Thulani Masondo offers topical tips for this time of year. There is also an interesting article about ways to mitigate the impact of flooding and destruction to agricultural fields and infrastructure, as was experienced during the July storms. This issue includes updates on the Fertiliser Advisory Service (FAS), the weed Parthenium, as well as details of how the sugar industry provides bursaries and work experience opportunities for youth.

The Link
SASRI Director, Terry Stanger, kicks off this edition by describing how SASRI’s digitally based tools are used for accurate geospatial information when designing, managing and analysing research field experiments. This is followed by pages of timely sugarcane farming advice from SASRI’s Extension and Biorisk Manager, Rowan Stranack.
An article on foliar (leaf) application of nutrients by SASRI’s Senior Soil Scientist, Louis Titshall suggests that there may be positive crop responses to foliar feeding particularly where deficiencies are present.
Soil Scientists Rianto Van Antwerpen and Thandile Mdlambuzi discuss soil sodicity and salinity, highlighting the ways growers can reverse negative impacts.
There is also information on optimal fertiliser usage and the SASRI Fertiliser Advisory Service. The edition ends with a summary of recent weather events and a look forward to the likely weather scenario for the rest of 2022.

The Ingede and The Link are availabe for download from our e-Library.