Helping you get the new year off to great start, this January edition of The Link is packed with advice for the off-crop season. Our extended Topical Tips feature carries recommendations for pests and disease management, weed control, crop nutrition, soil health, soil conservation and general crop management.

A basic understanding of soil structure is necessary in order to maintain or improve the physical condition of soils. This edition carries key information to assist you manage your soil health.

While eye spot is usually considered a minor disease, serious damage has occurred occasionally in other countries. Find out more about when and where to keep a lookout for this disease.

Potassium (K) plays a vital role in several functions in the crop and is important for sugar production. This edition carries an article on potassium management for optimum crop development.

Other articles in this edition relate to cane quality management in carry-over crops and some insights into the benefits of using ripeners on longer-cycle cane (18 – 24 months harvest age).

SASRI Director, Carolyn Baker, looks at how the institute responded to the challenges of the past year, and also describes SASRI’s role in assisting the industry meet its 2023 seedcane deadline.

This edition ends with a brief summary of recent weather events and a look forward into the likely weather scenario for the first part of this year.

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