SASIAA Constitution




Field Days


November 2022


1.1 The name of the organization shall be the South African Sugar Industry Agronomists’ Association (referred to as SASIAA from here-on).
1.2 SASIAA is a voluntary association whose membership shall be open to all who qualify in terms of article 4.
1.3 SASIAA exists under the auspices of the South African Sugarcane Research Institute (SASRI).


The objectives of the SASIAA are to promote the development, understanding and application of the science of sugarcane agronomy in Southern Africa by:

2.1.1 creating opportunities for the free exchange of relevant ideas, knowledge and information between members;
2.1.2 organizing annual symposia that serve as a forum for debate and discussion; and
2.1.3 arranging annual field days to showcase topical and current agronomic practices in sugarcane.
2.2 It is the express intention of SASIAA to avoid debate of a commercial nature or pertaining to the promotion or sale of commercial products.


The language used for reporting and discussion at annual events is English.


The membership of SASIAA is free and shall consist of:

4.1 Ordinary Members

4.1.1 Any suitably qualified or experienced person is eligible for Ordinary Membership including: Persons who hold a qualification in agronomy and allied natural sciences including soil science, agricultural engineering, meteorology and plant science. Persons who, without the requisite qualifications, have been practicing as agronomists for at least five years.

4.1.2 Applications in writing for Ordinary Membership shall be submitted on the prescribed form to the Secretariat for consideration and approval by the Management Committee.
4.1.3 Should any member not adhere to the principles identified in the Constitution, the Management Committee may terminate their membership.

4.2 Honorary Members

4.2.1 Members that are deemed to have made outstanding and extraordinary contributions to agronomy may be proposed as Honorary Members.


Management of SASIAA shall be conducted by a Management Committee.

5.1 Management Committee

5.1.1 The Management Committee shall consist of a Convenor and at least six SASIAA members.
5.1.2 All members shall be nominated and selected by the Management Committee and hold office for four-years. Each retiring member shall be eligible for re-election.
5.1.3 Nominations for members to the Management Committee will be called from time to time in association with vacancies on the Management Committee.
5.1.4 In the event that more nominations are received than the number required, a list of accepted nominations will be circulated to all Ordinary Members for voting in advance of the Annual General Meeting.
5.1.5 The Convenor shall be determined from amongst the committee members and shall be eligible to remain in office for at least five years.
5.1.6 The Management Committee may co-opt any member to the committee should it be deemed necessary.
5.1.7 The Management Committee’s functions are to: identify suitable topics requiring debate; to arrange annual meetings and field days; and to manage the membership list and consider and approve applications for membership to the SASIAA.

5.2 Meetings of the Management Committee

5.2.1 The Management Committee shall meet as often as may be necessary for the management of SASIAA, and not less than once every six months.
5.2.2 Any three members of the Management Committee shall constitute a quorum and all questions shall be decided by majority. In the case of equal votes, the Convenor shall have the casting vote.
5.2.3 A record of all Management Committee meetings shall be kept and the minutes approved at the following meeting.


6.1 Annual General Meeting

6.1.1 A general meeting shall be held annually at a time and place determined by the Management Committee.
6.1.2 Notification of the general meeting will be circulated to all members at least six weeks in advance of the meeting.
6.1.3 Speakers will be invited to present technical papers of a topical nature at these meetings. Proceedings may be distributed.
6.1.4 At the annual general meeting, the Convenor, or his delegated nominee, shall present a report on the SASIAA activities in the past year and will announce the results of any voting for new members of the Management Committee.

6.2 Field excursions

6.2.1 Field excursions that expose members to topical agronomy practices will be organized from time to time.


SASIAA receives no membership fees and is an association that exists under the auspices of SASRI.


SASRI shall provide the requisite administrative support to SASIAA and the Management Committee.


Every member of the Management Committee is hereby indemnified and held harmless by SASIAA against any personal liability incurred by him arising out of or in connection with the due and diligent exercise or performance by the Management Committee of any of the powers and functions which are or may be conferred upon it by or pursuant to this Constitution.


10.1 In addition to such referees and sub-committees as may be appointed by the SASTA Council in accordance to 9.7.9, the following are permanent sub- committees of the SASTA Council:

10.1.1 A committee to be known as the Factory Control Advisory Committee (“FCAC”) which shall: be responsible for the standardisation and improvement of chemical control in the factories affiliated to the Council and revising and updating the “Laboratory Manual for South African Sugar Factories including the Official Methods”; be made up of such members as may be nominated in accordance with the FCAC Charter which should be approved by the SASTA Council; draft and adopt its own charter which shall regulate its internal proceedings; report and make recommendations periodically to the SASTA Council;

10.1.2 A sub-committee to be known as the Congress Organising Committee (“COC”) which shall: be chaired by the Congress Organising Committee Chairperson; be responsible for organising the Congress of SASTA; manage its own budget, subject to obtaining approval for items of expenditure exceeding any maximum amount to be determined from time to time by the SASTA Council; be constituted of such members as may be nominated from time to time by the SASTA Council; report as necessary to the SASTA Council.

10.1.3 A sub-committee to be known as the Finance Committee which shall: be chaired by the Treasurer; consist of at least three persons, who are not connected persons in relation to each other; accept the fiduciary responsibility of the Association. All decisions of the Finance Committee shall be ratified by the Council.