SASRI has been a long-standing proponent of sustainable sugarcane cultivation, supported by decades of research. Recommendations resulting from laboratory, glasshouse and field trials over the years have considered not only the economic advantages of a practice, but also how socially and environmentally responsible these practices are.

A locally-relevant and globally recognised continuous improvement system called SUSFARMS® was developed over the years with input from a number of stakeholders.

SUSFARMS® is a practical tool that guides implementation of better management practices (BMPs). It is a comprehensive collection of legislative requirements as well as BMPs that can (amongst others) ensure worker health and safety, facilitate more profitable production and promote environmental stewardship.

The accompanying Progress Tracker is a self-assessment tool that can be used to determine performance against a set of measures and offers advice on how to improve the situation. In the KZN Midlands region, SUSFARMS® is being used to demonstrate to our major consumers our commitment to sustainable sugar production.

Download Progress Tracker and associated Notes
This is a compressed ZIP file. After unzipping, copy the uncompressed SUSFARMS folder to any location on your PC.
The SUSFARMS folder contains the Progress Tracker Excel Spreadsheet and a NOTES sub-folder with several PDFs.

Download SUSFARMS® Manual
You should only download this file if you wish to have all PDFs from the NOTES folder above as a combined single PDF file.

For more information on how to use SUSFARMS® please contact your Extension Specialist or use the contact details below.

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