Gwethlyn Meyer

Gwethlyn Meyer
Assistant Biotechnologist
Tel: 031 508 7400 (Switchboard)
Tel: 031 508 7450 (Direct)

Contribute to projects dealing with in vitro culture of sugarcane, precision breeding and molecular analysis of transgenic plants.

Tissue culture of sugarcane.

Precision breeding using microprojectile bombardment.

DNA analysis: PCR, Southern blot analysis.

Protein detection: Western blots.

Research Interests

Direct and indirect morphogenesis of sugarcane in vitro, in semi-solid media and temporary immersion RITA® bioreactors.

Acclimatisation of tissue culture-derived plantlets.

Production and analysis of transgenic sugarcane plants.

Key Outcomes
Involvement in scaling up production of NovaCane® plants for use in regional seedcane schemes.

Use of novel explant source, leaf roll discs containing floral initials, as recipient tissue for DNA delivery.

Key Publications

Snyman SJ, Meyer GM, Richards JM, Haricharan N, Ramgareeb S and Huckett BI (2006) Refining the application of direct embryogenesis in sugarcane: effect of the developmental phase of leaf disc explants and the timing of DNA transfer on transformation efficiency. Plant Cell Reports 25:1016-1023.

MSc (Natal).