The May edition of the Link is now available on the SASRI website. In this issue:

  • New SASRI Director, Dr Shadrack Moephuli discusses how SASRI is improving its understanding of grower needs through the series of Research, Development and Extension Workshops that have been taken place in various regions. He also welcomes SAFDA as a formal member of the SA Sugar Association, and touches on the importance of small-scale grower sustainability.
  • Rowan Stranack, SASRI’s Extension and Biorisk Manager, provides timely guidance on maximising RV yields and Cane Quality.
  • Dr Nitesh Poona, SASRI’s Digital Agriculture Scientist, gives an overview of Digital Agriculture and comments on the various SASRI projects in this area.
  • Anushka Gokul and Silicia Govindasamy provide advice for controlling giant Panicum maximum (uBabe Grass). There are also guidelines for safe and responsible storage of agrochemicals on the farm.
  • A step-by-step reminder of how to use SASRI’s Variety Guide – our web-based decision support tool for use when selecting varieties.
  • SASRI Agrometeorologist, Phillemon Sithole, provides a review of recent industry rainfall, and look at what can be expected during winter.

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