The Link: September 2023

The September 2023 edition of The Link is now available. In this edition:

  • SASRI Director, Terry Stanger, explores (amongst other issues) strategies for tackling pests and diseases prevalent in the industry.
  • Rowan Stranack, SASRI’s Extension and Biorisk Manager, provides comprehensive and timely advice for sugarcane farming, especially in the light of the potential occurrence of a El Niño during the upcoming summer.
  • Dr Riekert van Heerden, Senior Scientist: Sugarcane Physiology, discusses how crop-spraying drones can help the small-scale sector of the industry capitalise on the financial benefits of chemical ripening.
  • An overview of recent weather events, and an outlook for the remainder of 2023.
  • Other articles focus on the responsible handling of empty pesticide containers, addressing concerns about orange rust, and mitigating rat-induced damage in sugarcane.

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