Eldana Manual Updated

We have just updated our Eldana Manual which contains easy-to-follow guidelines for managing eldana in sugarcane. SASRI’s best management practices (BMPs) for eldana control include advice for dealing with stressed sugarcane, on-farm scouting and agrochemical formulations that have been registered for use in the South African sugar industry. In addition, the manual contains details on varietal resistance to eldana and a section on the role and legal standing of Local Pest Disease & Variety Control Committees.

Growers are probably aware that optimal eldana control does not lie in any single solution but rather in range of interventions incorporated into an integrated pest management programme for the farm. This integrated approach is covered in greater technical detail in SASRI’s other publication, IPM for Eldana Control. Ask your local SASRI Extension Specialist for more advice.

Copies of both publications are available from our Knowledge Hub on the SASRI website.


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